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The hour is late. Our constitutional Republic, culture, and values of personal and religious freedom and opportunity are rapidly being destroyed by internal and external forces of socialism, secularism, humanism, perversion, radical Islam, globalism and Communism. And the Communist-front ACLU, the NEA, the NWO, and the radical-left press, are spearheading most of the destruction, with the willing support of radical activist judges and a neutered, corrupt congress.

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I'm a retired Software QA/ System Diagnostics Engineer - born in Oceanside NY - 1938. I was raised in Rockville Center and Oceanside NY, where I attended Elementary, Grammar and Jr. High. I finished High School at the George Junior Republic, Freeville NY, where I received a solid grounding in the principles of freedom and constitutional government. I graduated salutatorian in 1956 (back when it MEANT something!). Following high school, I attended the SUNY at night, and received my AAS in ET. I earned my BSCS equivalent through continuing college-level coursework over the next 10-15 years. I soon realized that the Democratic Party was a repository of radical, seditious and socialistic ideas and activists, and joined the Republican Party. I was active in conservative politics, and joined the John Birch Society, ultimately rising to chapter leader. I have watched America being destroyed by these seditious left-wing forces over the past 50 years. Now even the Republican Party is corrupted. It was our last hope to save our Republic, but has become yesterday's Democratic Party. The people, talk radio and the blogs, MUST rise to the challenge, or America will cease to exist!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Marxist Revolution Is HERE!

Thank God for Glenn Beck and Canada Free Press. They are the ONLY ones in the so-called conservative media, who understand what is happening to America, and the entire world, and have the guts and honesty to speak out! But many in the "traditional" media are Marxist agents, and KNOW exactly what they are doing, and what is going on. And what is going on, as revealed in this CFP article, is that the long-sought-after goal of these seditious "enemy-within" Marxist agents, is that the Communist, New World Order REVOLUTION has finally begun in America, and throughout the world. Communist and Globalist organizations, agents and operatives, have been hard at work subverting and radicalizing America for the past 100 years, and they have finally ascended to power in Washington, with the election of the illegitimate, impostor, Marxist enemy agent - Barry Soetoro. And his regime is a nest of radical Communists and Marxists.ALL of whom know what they are doing, especially Marxists and criminals, like Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Cass Sunstein - media Czar (the most dangerous man in America). He is pushing to silence and censor the internet. They are hard at work tearing at the fabric of our country. And hundreds (probably thousands) more are doing their treacherous dirty work throughout our culture! I have studied Communism, and Marxism, and the activities of all the seditious Marxist and Communist-front organizations, like the ACLU, National Lawyer's Guild, and vermin like Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Lauchlin Currie, Dean Rusk, Walt Rostow, Frank Marshal Davis (Stalinist Communist - Obama's "uncle Frank") and Whitaker Chambers. He broke with the Party, became a Christian, and revealed all in his book, "The Pumpkin Papers". And untold hundreds of other Communist-front organizations, spies and traitors are now operating with impunity, and have been operating essentially un-checked, for the past 100 years, except for the period in the 40's and 50's when the FBI, and the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, and Senator Joseph McCarty - were hunting them down and exposing them. They infest every level of our culture, e.g. education, media, entertainment, politics, industry, etc. And now we have the ACLU, International The Answer, Media Matters, Southern Poverty Law Center - ALL Communist fronts, and many, many others, tearing at our Constitution and our institutions, promoting class and race warfare - that is the way Communism works to take down a's a top-down, bottom-up process - mobs and riots in the streets, Communist agents at the top, in positions of power and influence.They are now focusing on subverting, suppressing and controlling the last two areas they need to solidify their power, and achieve full, dictatorial control, - the internet and the military,

NON of this surprises me - I knew it was coming. But I prayed it would not be in my lifetime, or that of my children. Unfortunately, it HAS come, to America, and to the entire world, I cannot stress enough how deadly serious the situation is, for you, for your family, for America, and the freedoms we have enjoyed in this formerly free, God-given land.  If you never read or see another article or video. you MUST see thus CFP article by Judi McCleod, and Glenn Beck's chilling video. The Revolution is HERE, and NOW, in America, and you had better understand that! The hour is very late, and I pray we can still do something about it.

One would think that the Republican Party would stand up and take some action against this traitorous administration. But don't expect anything from them, especially with the elitist, liberal, globalist RNC running the party, Even after the conservative mandate given them by the electorate in Nov, they are still behaving like it's "business as usual", trying to reach "consensus", and "compromising" with  the traitor in the Oval Office. We are being sold out, and subverted, by BOTH parties - Marxists in the radicalized Democratic Party, Globalists in the Republican Party.. In fact, I believe prayer is the ONLY thing that can stop it at this late date!.


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