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The hour is late. Our constitutional Republic, culture, and values of personal and religious freedom and opportunity are rapidly being destroyed by internal and external forces of socialism, secularism, humanism, perversion, radical Islam, globalism and Communism. And the Communist-front ACLU, the NEA, the NWO, and the radical-left press, are spearheading most of the destruction, with the willing support of radical activist judges and a neutered, corrupt congress.

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I'm a retired Software QA/ System Diagnostics Engineer - born in Oceanside NY - 1938. I was raised in Rockville Center and Oceanside NY, where I attended Elementary, Grammar and Jr. High. I finished High School at the George Junior Republic, Freeville NY, where I received a solid grounding in the principles of freedom and constitutional government. I graduated salutatorian in 1956 (back when it MEANT something!). Following high school, I attended the SUNY at night, and received my AAS in ET. I earned my BSCS equivalent through continuing college-level coursework over the next 10-15 years. I soon realized that the Democratic Party was a repository of radical, seditious and socialistic ideas and activists, and joined the Republican Party. I was active in conservative politics, and joined the John Birch Society, ultimately rising to chapter leader. I have watched America being destroyed by these seditious left-wing forces over the past 50 years. Now even the Republican Party is corrupted. It was our last hope to save our Republic, but has become yesterday's Democratic Party. The people, talk radio and the blogs, MUST rise to the challenge, or America will cease to exist!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sen Ron Paul draws a Line in The Sand, re: TSA "Grope-Down"/Body Scan

See today's World Net Daily article,  about bill being introduced by Sen Ron Paul. And it's non-too soon, but it's pathetic that no other Republican (to my knowledge), has seen fit, or has had the backbone to do the same. If there were ever a clearer violation of your 4th Amendment right to be protected from "unreasonable searches and seizures" - I can't think of one! I am planning to fly to San Diego to visit my son Peter in April, and if these TSA goon/perverts are still practicing their unconstitutional "group-grope" or dangerous full-body scan crap, I will refuse the body scan, and will inform the TSA pervert that if he does the grope-down, if he touches my "junk", I will deck him, or sue him - or BOTH. I've had it up to here with this nanny-state, Marxist goon-squad crap! And Obama, Janet Napolitano and prior head-goon at Homeland Security Michael Chertof (now on the board of one of the body-scanner manufacturers - can you spell "conflict of interest"?), can all go to hell, if they don’t like it! Of course, if I do that, they will probably fine me $10.000, and I will miss my flight and be out another $250. Screw them all - I think I'll drive! Ain't that "hope and change" great? For another look at this (with videos), see Alex Jones Infowars coverage at:


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