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The hour is late. Our constitutional Republic, culture, and values of personal and religious freedom and opportunity are rapidly being destroyed by internal and external forces of socialism, secularism, humanism, perversion, radical Islam, globalism and Communism. And the Communist-front ACLU, the NEA, the NWO, and the radical-left press, are spearheading most of the destruction, with the willing support of radical activist judges and a neutered, corrupt congress.

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I'm a retired Software QA/ System Diagnostics Engineer - born in Oceanside NY - 1938. I was raised in Rockville Center and Oceanside NY, where I attended Elementary, Grammar and Jr. High. I finished High School at the George Junior Republic, Freeville NY, where I received a solid grounding in the principles of freedom and constitutional government. I graduated salutatorian in 1956 (back when it MEANT something!). Following high school, I attended the SUNY at night, and received my AAS in ET. I earned my BSCS equivalent through continuing college-level coursework over the next 10-15 years. I soon realized that the Democratic Party was a repository of radical, seditious and socialistic ideas and activists, and joined the Republican Party. I was active in conservative politics, and joined the John Birch Society, ultimately rising to chapter leader. I have watched America being destroyed by these seditious left-wing forces over the past 50 years. Now even the Republican Party is corrupted. It was our last hope to save our Republic, but has become yesterday's Democratic Party. The people, talk radio and the blogs, MUST rise to the challenge, or America will cease to exist!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Midterm Election Did NOT "Fix Everything"!

"In spite of the historic Republican gains in the House, Senate, state legislatures and governorships, the Nov 2nd election did not magically "fix everything". It is a good start, and was CRITICAL in the upcoming battle to restore our constitutional, free-market capitalist economy, limited government republic. But the radical, Communist left has been hard at work within and without our government for over 70 years. They have vast and commanding control of nearly all our government and private institutions, including the media, primary and secondary education, the entertainment industry, and most government departments and agencies. The State Department has been a nest of spies and traitors since before the 60s.  States like Oregon, California, and Washington are controlled by leftist, statist majorities, pandering to (and controlled by) the illegal aliens, the corrupt state and federal labor unions, like SEIU, the teachers unions, etc, Millions of shiftless, radicalized welfare dependents, refuse to work, and are living off the largess of the nanny-state welfare system, Woodrow Wilson and FDR in the 30s, put the main pieces in place, and it has been perfected over the years by Socialists like Lyndon Johmson, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. It is now being used by Marxist/New World Order operative/traitor Barack Obama in the final push to destroy every last vestige of the American Republic, and turn us into a Socialist/Marxist third-world slave-nation to the New World Order. And the Republican Party, with it's present Socialist/elitist RNC leadership will NOT do the things necessary to stop it, like re-institution of the House Committee on Un-American Actities, that was operating in the 50's and 60's. What is needed is a and full-blown congressional investigations (and prosecutions) of radical Communist Barack Obama, his Marxist administration, and all of the seditious, Marxist, anti-American organizations noted above - and there are thousands more anti-American and Communist Fronts and slimy Marxist groups like ACORN, CAIR, both within and without Washington.. The ONLY way these traitors, elitists and use-ful idiot fools can be stopped, is if we can get the tens of millions of American citizens who haven’t a clue, educated about the Fabian Socialist/Marxist conspiracy that has been going on for the last 70 years, and is now accelerating at a dizzying pace. That is what I have been trying to do since I was a Bircher 45 years ago. And will continue to do so, until my last breath!. .


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