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I'm a retired Software QA/ System Diagnostics Engineer - born in Oceanside NY - 1938. I was raised in Rockville Center and Oceanside NY, where I attended Elementary, Grammar and Jr. High. I finished High School at the George Junior Republic, Freeville NY, where I received a solid grounding in the principles of freedom and constitutional government. I graduated salutatorian in 1956 (back when it MEANT something!). Following high school, I attended the SUNY at night, and received my AAS in ET. I earned my BSCS equivalent through continuing college-level coursework over the next 10-15 years. I soon realized that the Democratic Party was a repository of radical, seditious and socialistic ideas and activists, and joined the Republican Party. I was active in conservative politics, and joined the John Birch Society, ultimately rising to chapter leader. I have watched America being destroyed by these seditious left-wing forces over the past 50 years. Now even the Republican Party is corrupted. It was our last hope to save our Republic, but has become yesterday's Democratic Party. The people, talk radio and the blogs, MUST rise to the challenge, or America will cease to exist!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Still Think the Marxist Obama Regime is your Friend - Well think Again!

If you have been operating under the delusion that Obama, and his radical, leftist administration are just "liberal" ideologues, who just want the best for you and America - wake u!. It is high time that American citizens realize that Washington has been seized by a band of radical Marxist thugs and perverts, who HATE America, our founding principles and values, our traditions, and most importantly - our individual property rights, freedoms and opportunity, in this formerly free Republic (prior to Obama)..

All you have to do to understand how evil this regime is, is to read Doug Hagmann's article in today's CFP, about the comments in a "directive" from DHS (Department of Homeland Sedition) head Janet Napolitano. This was distributed after high-level meetings with  John Pistole, head of the TSA (Travelers Sexual Assualt department), and one or more of Obama’s national "security" advisers. This document officially describes those who are opposed to, or engaged in the disruption of the implementation of the enhanced airport screening procedures as “domestic extremists.”

The introductory paragraph of the multi-page document states that it is issued “in response to the growing public backlash against enhanced TSA security screening procedures and the agents conducting the screening process.” Implicit within the same section is that the recently enhanced security screening procedures implemented at U.S. airports, and the measures to be taken in response to the negative public backlash as detailed [in this directive], have the full support of the President. In other words, Obama not only endorses the enhanced security screening, but the measures outlined in this directive to be taken in response to public objections.

The terminology contained within the reported memo is indeed troubling. It labels any person who “interferes” with TSA airport security screening procedure protocol and operations by actively objecting to the established screening process, “including but not limited to the anticipated national opt-out day”,  as a “domestic extremist.” The label is then broadened to include “any person, group or alternative media source” that actively objects to, causes others to object to, supports  and/or elicits support for anyone who engages in such travel disruptions at U.S. airports in response to the enhanced security procedures.

In other words folks, if we object to being bombarded by possibly dangerous whole-body radiation, or having to be forced to suffer the indignity of having our genitals fondled by some power-crazed stranger/pervert in full public view, we are "domestic extremists"! And that is to say nothing of the health risks from such a procedure. Hundreds of doctors have already condemned this dangerous, unsanitary procedure, and have warned in no uncertain terms a bout the dangers and risk of contracting any number of STD's, as revealed in today's World Net Daily article. And the TSA thug/perverts are not even changing their gloves between passengers! This has NOTHING to do with travel security. It's all about CONTROL! What you eat, where you go, what you say, whether you can pray, what you think, how much money you can make, etc. This is how the statists and the radical left operate! They HATE America, and your individual freedoms and choices, and they hate YOU!

No, this Marxist administration is the REAL clear and present threat to America, and our survival as a free nation.This TSA outrage has the entire nation in an uproar, and non too soon. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas gave a 5 minute address to Congress yesterday where he blasted the heavy-handed, dictatorial DHS/TSA procedures as "tyranny". It is well-past high time that we stand up, draw a line in the sand, and tell these Marxist, perverted bastards NO MORE - at all STOPS HERE, DAMN IT! In other words, open your eyes,  get off your knees and on your feet, and GROW A SET, instead of letting some unwashed, minimum-wage pervert grab yours!



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