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The hour is late. Our constitutional Republic, culture, and values of personal and religious freedom and opportunity are rapidly being destroyed by internal and external forces of socialism, secularism, humanism, perversion, radical Islam, globalism and Communism. And the Communist-front ACLU, the NEA, the NWO, and the radical-left press, are spearheading most of the destruction, with the willing support of radical activist judges and a neutered, corrupt congress.

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I'm a retired Software QA/ System Diagnostics Engineer - born in Oceanside NY - 1938. I was raised in Rockville Center and Oceanside NY, where I attended Elementary, Grammar and Jr. High. I finished High School at the George Junior Republic, Freeville NY, where I received a solid grounding in the principles of freedom and constitutional government. I graduated salutatorian in 1956 (back when it MEANT something!). Following high school, I attended the SUNY at night, and received my AAS in ET. I earned my BSCS equivalent through continuing college-level coursework over the next 10-15 years. I soon realized that the Democratic Party was a repository of radical, seditious and socialistic ideas and activists, and joined the Republican Party. I was active in conservative politics, and joined the John Birch Society, ultimately rising to chapter leader. I have watched America being destroyed by these seditious left-wing forces over the past 50 years. Now even the Republican Party is corrupted. It was our last hope to save our Republic, but has become yesterday's Democratic Party. The people, talk radio and the blogs, MUST rise to the challenge, or America will cease to exist!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gutting The US Military - Just Part of The Agenda ...

If you are so naive' as to believe that Obama and his Czars, and the SDS-radicalized Democratic Party, are simply (at best), moon-eyed, "liberal" ideologues, all touchy-feely about "social justice", and simply have their priorities mixed up, you have been drinking too much of the Mainstream Marxist Media koolaid. and the Beltway Boob-Bait! It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, and I',m sorry to inform you, it is badly burnt!

Obama is a lifelong, radical-Communist, and his administratuion is populated with all like-minded and purposeful radical Marxist enemy agents, bent on ONE task: the destruction of America, as we know it,  our Constitution, and our freedoms, our religious and individual liberties, and replacing it with a Godless, secular, Socialist tyranny, and the destruction of the military is just one step in bringing this "transformation", this "hope and change" about. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and the saddest part is: Congress is helping him do it! A large majority of Congress knew before Obama was even nominated, that he was INELLIGIBLE There were eight attempts by members of Congress during the years Barack Obama was developing a power base and running for president to remove the Constitutional requirement that a president be a "natural-born citizen," suggesting an organized strategy, according to a new video. This is obviously a planned. organized effort to distort and hide the truth, to commit treason against the Constitutio, to commit the bigget fraud and deception of the American people in the history of our nation! It is clear that "the fix is in", and a corrupt, spineless, power-hungry elitist Congress is aiding and abetting him in his detsruction of America. If you are awake by now, and think you smell coffee burning, think again - what you smell burning is NOT the coffee, but America.

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