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Thursday, April 28, 2011

His "Real" Birth Certificate - Really? He's Burying Himself in Lies!

There is an old saying: "Oh What a Twisted Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive". Well the lying, Marxist usurper Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama), is weaving a real doozey of a web, and hopefully he is about to get trapped in it himself. Jerome Corsi (and many others, especially the blogosphere) are finding many more - they have his number. See links:

Mark McCoy
Alan Keyes
Jim Hoft

  Mr Corsi's article in today's World Net Daily succinctly points out only one of the many (but most glaring) "curious" details in his birth certificate "artwork". There's the little matter of the birth of twin girls Susan and Gretchen Nordyke, who were born a day later than his purported birth at Kapi'olani Hospital, yet Obama's purported "birth certificate" has a higher registered number! Shades of his numerous phony social security numbers - hmmmm ....

Oops, even though the architects of his phony "long-form" birth certificate have done a pretty good job of manufacturing this counterfeit certificate, it seems that they have overlooked a minor small little detail.  It is a general dictum of engineering that "the devil is in the details", and hopefully this devil is about to bite Barry in the *ss! It is quite apparent that this PhotoShoped "proof" of his birth is as fraudulent as he is! And I STILL say - "Where's the Real Birth Certificate".

But regardless of the sham and scam of the irrelevant birth certificate issue, one glaringly obvious fact remains, which everyone ignores, in particular - the phony, sellout  RINO Republican Party! It is the simple fact that because his father was a British subject, he inherited his British citizenship. HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE because of his dual citizenship. Even if he had renounced his British citizenship (and there is no proof of this, since he has spent 2 million dollars with lawyers to prevent disclosure of ANY of his records), he would still only be a NATURALIZED citizen, which does NOT meet the constitutional requirement that he be a NATURAL-BORN citizen. Case closed! Throw the lying Marxist traitor out of the Oval Office, and march his sorry a.. off to Leavenworth!

Click post title for link to article in today's World Net Daily.


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